What is really the best food you can eat right after you have finished a workout?

There are literally many theories when it comes to choosing a perfect meal right after your workout. But, the truth is, after you have finished with your training, your body needs some simple sugars to recover the muscles and make your sugar blood levels function normal again. Just to be clear, I am talking about those super fast snacks you will eat right after your workout. A few hours after a workout, it is recommended to eat proteins and some carbohydrates. Don't have an idea about your super fast sugar snack after a workout? Check out the list below!


  1. Banana. Eating a banana right after you have finished your workout is a great choice. Besides providing your body with instant sugar, bananas are very healthy. When you workout, your magnesium levels also go down as you start sweating. But, a banana will help you to get the amount of magnesium you have lost in a workout.


  1. Gummy bears. Is this real? Yes, it is! Have you ever wondered from what are gummy bears really made? They are made from pure sugar (and some artificial colors and flavors) which will help you make your body recover easier after a workout. So, what is your favorite flavor?


  1. Energy bars. On the nowadays market, there are literally countless energy bars you can get for yourself. They have different ingredients, flavors, purposes and so on. Pick the one you really like!


  1. Orange juice. Orange juice will help you recover your body right after sweating. Besides that, you will get just enough sugar as your body needs right after you have finished that hard workout.


Can you think of some other super fast sugar meal that should be consumed just right after a workout?

Which one is your favorite from our list?

Which one is the best and healthies choice?

About the Author : Hello, my name is Bill and I am trying to help people improve their life! Writing was my hobby since third grade and now I want to share my ideas with people all around the world. I am engaged to my lovely Joana and have two dogs. I hope You like my short texts..

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