How much do we really know about happiness?

Everybody is constantly talking about happiness. ''I am not happy'', or ''I wish I was happier'', or ''At that time I was happy''... It also seems like how everybody is constantly chasing happiness like its some material thing that can be really caught.

What do you think? Is there a definition of happiness that is the same for all people or it is different? Psychologists claim how our wishes and desires are different. Some people are happy with less, some aren't happy even when they have a lot of things. Nevertheless, I want to remind you what happiness really means.


1.Health. You have woke up today, right? Great news! That means how you are still here, alive. You have that special chance to live this day in a way you like to. Don't think about your job instantly. Your job is not your life. So, you are healthy. That is true happiness! Remember how it is said:''A healthy man has many wishes, but a sick man has only one - to be healthy again!''


  1. You are not alone. Do you have a friend? Or do you have a brother or a sister? Maybe your mother or father is always there for you? That means how you are really happy. Having someone you can share your emotions and ideas with is of great value.


  1. You have something to eat and where to live. Countless people all around the globe don't have what to eat and where to live. If you do, know how you can consider yourself a very happy person.


As you see, many of us relate happiness to some really non-important situations and things in life. When you have all the above I have mentioned, then you can create countless other forms of happiness of your choice.

About the Author : Hello, my name is Bill and I am trying to help people improve their life! Writing was my hobby since third grade and now I want to share my ideas with people all around the world. I am engaged to my lovely Joana and have two dogs. I hope You like my short texts..

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