Are toxic people ruining your life? (+learn how to recognize them)

Have you ever wondered why some people go far in life easily, while the others seem to be like constantly stuck ''on the same page''? Well, psychologists think how our success and happiness depend a lot on the people that surround us. And you probably know how toxic people cannot make you any good, right? These are the signs toxic people are ruining your life (and some of their main characteristics):


  1. You constantly feel how you are not good enough. If you are hanging out with your friends or relatives and constantly get some pointless critics over literally everything, that means how you are surrounded by toxic people. They will mostly talk to you this way:

 Example one:''You never...'' Example two:''You always...'' Do you realize what is the problem here? Toxic people who want you to feel bad will always critic your personality and not a case you two are talking about, or some basic situation. That is actually some sort of the attack on your personality.


  1. You feel like you are constantly competing with them (or they with you). People who constantly like to compete over literally everything are very toxic for you. After hanging out with such people, you will feel really exhausted.


  1. You became depressed. There are some toxic people that constantly complain and ask you some things to do for them. Of course, such people never do anything good for you. Be sure that you recognize that on time.


As you can see, toxic people will always try to make you feel bad or to get something from you. Their purpose is to make their life better while making you feel worse. Don't be sorry to say goodbye to toxic people in your life. Hang out with people who love you and support you instead.

About the Author : Hello, my name is Bill and I am trying to help people improve their life! Writing was my hobby since third grade and now I want to share my ideas with people all around the world. I am engaged to my lovely Joana and have two dogs. I hope You like my short texts..

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